Chrome Browser Problem

Some users have reported problems logging into 2-Way Micropay (and using the demo links) when they are using Chrome as their browser.  If you are having a problem, try using Firefox and IE, which appear to be working fine.  We’ll investigate and find a fix for Chrome, ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Buy 'Amazing Grace' MP3 for 1 Cent & Get a Free Chicken Sandwich

Buy access to a public domain version of Amazing Grace for just one cent.

Just click on the “Keep Reading” link below to quickly pay using 2-Way Micropay and instantly receive your download.

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Just Watch -- How The Plugin Works

To just see how this site works (if you don’t have or want a Qixit account), just watch this video.

Play Hexxagon for only 1 cent

For Hexxagon, you play as the red diamonds and your opponent (either another player or the computer) plays as the blue globules. Your goal is to take over all the spaces on the board, and you do this by leaping into the spaces next to your opponent’s pieces.

When you select one of your pieces, highlights of possible moves will be shown. The green highlights show where your piece will duplicate, the yellow highlights show where you will only jump. It’s a good idea to duplicate as much as you can early on, and to spread around the board so you’re not cornered.

Click here to play for just One Cent, Now

What is 2-Way Micropay?

Qixit is fully integrated with 2-Way Micropay™, the world’s first two-way micropayment system.  It allows users to both spend and get money with equal ease — and without the inconvenience and expense of a credit card transaction!

2-Way Micropay™ also allows you to turn any hyperlink into a payment link.  Either to get paid, or to pay the person activating your link.Keep reading…

Play Asteroids in Our Penny Arcade

Here’s one of the best old-fashioned Asteroids games online.

Try out 2-Way Micropay and play it for only a penny.  Plus, when you create your account, you’ll get a bunch of free pennies, so play it a lot!

Play for just One Cent, Now

New Ways Your Blog With 2-Way Micropay

Would you like to better monetize the value of your blog without the inconvenience and expense of credit cards?

Use 2-Way Micropay™ to:

  • Charge pennies or dollars, with equal ease, for your premium content.
  • Create a prominent premium comment section, which appears above the regular free comments. Readers who pay their “2 cents worth” (or any price you require) will have their comments permanently located in the the more prominently high lighted premium comment section.
  • Offer your readers a chance to pay to publish their own articles on your blog.
  • Turn your old content into archived articles with free preview content before the  <more>- tag and premium content behind the <more> tag.
  • Collect donations from supportive readers without credit cards.
  • Eliminate reader’s reluctance to create a new login ID and password.  Our single sign-on solution allows readers to login once per day and be able to “instantly” purchase content  from numerous blogs and web sites.
  • Earn referral commissions on readers who sign up for accounts through your blog.
  • Gather permission granted contact information, demographics,  and behavioral metrics on everyone who buys your content.
  • Motivate your readers to view affiliate ads by giving your readers a micropayment.
  • And coming soon, automatically split payments received for premium content between the author and the blog  owner.
  • And much more.